Ordered To Leave

New York City ordered more than 300,000 people who live in flood-prone areas to leave, including Battery Park City at the southern tip of Manhattan, Coney Island and the beachfront Rockaways. But it was not clear how many would do it, how they would get out or where they would go. Most New Yorkers don’t have a car.


I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down. Christ, am I the only one that ever read the story of the three lil’ pigs?

I’ll make a prediction:

If the hurricane does hit hard enough to knock down houses, insurance companies will pay to have replacement homes built out of the same flimsy, flammable sticks and in the same place in the flood channel.

Oh, and to add outrage to embarrassment, “Authoritahs” are “ordering” people to flee to … where? and how?


Posted by Dave


14 Comments on “Ordered To Leave”

  1. Crankyyankee says:

    Hey Dave. I;ve Been banned from the flying monkeys site, how weird is that Bother

  2. Crankyyankee says:

    And he said grow some funk of your own amigo
    Grow some funk of your own
    We no like to with the gringo fight
    But there might be a death in Mexico tonight
    If you can’t grow some funk of your own amigo
    Grow some funk of your own
    Take my advice, take the next flight
    And grow your funk, grow your funk at home

  3. Dude, they are fucked and they know it.
    God help ’em.

    Seeings how this ain’t a bunch of Brown People, you can bet the farm there will be shit happening at an alarming rate, compared to Katrina.

    Money will be no object.

  4. Art says:

    Saw an interesting acronym in this week of hurricane prep news that was new to me … YOYO.
    You’re On You’re Own

    Speakin of flimsy … Just glad i survived another tornado season out here in the dubblewide. (knock on wood)

  5. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    On the heels of Hurricane Katrina, we were “ordered” to evacuate down here for Ike, and the local PTB went so far as to threaten “child endangerment” charges for anyone with kids who refused to leave. I was nowhere near ready to go, having watched the storm and weather as I always do, and I was pretty sure Ike would pass us by. And so he did, making our evacuation completely unnecessary. From that day on, I vowed that the PTB can kiss my ass, and I’ll leave IF and when I’m damn good and ready. Threats or no threats.

    As to “insurance” companies, around here all one has to do is look at the BILLIONS of dollars worth of buildings on Padre Island to see what they’re about. A category 3 or better storm will wipe the island clean, as they have in the past, yet they still continue to offer policies to the stupid. And charge the rest of us out the ass because of it….

    • Hi Craig,

      What a shame we don’t build the kind of homes that don’t need to be evacuated; sturdy homes built on high ground, homes that can withstand earthquakes and tornadoes, homes that don’t need fire insurance.

      It’s sad that building a strong home has become unaffordable. And it’s ironic that the “authorities” will order you out of buildings that they dictated to you how to build.


  6. China says:

    How Dare you question the Great and Powerful OZ? I mean PTB! We have issued orders follow them! Stop questioning us! OH we are Watching you Mister!


    • Hi China,

      Doesn’t it sometimes seem like humanity is more like a pack of dogs, all snarlin’ and bitin’, alphas and submissives? I’ve never understood that need to control. Every time I’ve seen it in myself, I’m revulsed.


      • China says:

        Dave its funny you say that,myself and the one employee directly under me were talking the other day and it came up how shitty some of his other Supervisors had been. I said as long as I see you working you really don’t need me leaning over your shoulder telling you how to do what you already know to do! Some Supers like to act like mini dictators,we both know I am the Supervisor I don’t really need to point it out unless something really stupid was done.The Supers I liked best when I was coming up treated me like a man,talked decent to me,gave advice when needed,let me do my job. I have done my best to emulate them. I don’t want to control nor be controlled at work or in life!


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