Having been trained to feel a blind loyalty to the ruling class of the particular piece of dirt they live on (a.k.a. “patriotism”), and having been trained to believe that obedience is a virtue, the idea of forcibly resisting “law enforcement” is simply unthinkable to many.

“But there is a big difference between obeying for the sake of self-preservation, which is often necessary and rational, and feeling a moral obligation to go along with whatever the ruling class wants to do to you, which is pathetic and insane.”

Larken Rose


To expand on the insanity of feeling a moral obligation to obey, here’s some words from the language of “bellyfeel”:

“…patriotic, God-loving, constitution-loving, tax-paying, salt-of-the-earth Americans…”

Ay-yup. Duty. Service. Honor. Sacrifice. Pride. How can a guy get out of a chickenshit outfit like this?


Posted by Dave


6 Comments on “Obeisance”

  1. Art says:

    Got passport? Only problem then, is where ya gonna transfer to?
    Most all the outfits look chickenshit about now.

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi Art,

      I do have a passport (official permission to cross an invisible line). You’re right, though. As bad as America looks, everywhere else looks worse. What a shame.


  2. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Not too many places to go… I say we gang up, invade some nice national forest, run off the park rangers, and start our own country. Why the hell not… Hey, I can dream can’t I…

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi Craig,

      Or invade some third-world pesthole and make our own Freedonia. The only problem is that I’d feel like a hypocrite “forcing” freedom on others. Very few people seem to embrace liberty like we do.


  3. 0311b10 says:

    The with that most of the undersirables in third countries are armed better than the local authorities.I.E, Afganstan,Lybia,any banana republic,inculding Florida.

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi 0311b10,

      Agreed. Goat herders in Afghanistan have to duck low when they enter a tent to keep their AK from snagging the flap. Sounds like my kind of people. I’d much rather deal with them than their “civilized” brethren.


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