Building Relationships

Awww, he seems nice, this little tyke with the battering ram.

GEARED UP: Richard Noriega, 11, tries on SWAT team gear Tuesday night at National Night Out. Sgt. Raul Garzon of the Bullhead City Police Department’€™s Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving unit says events like the anti-crime block party are important to the unit because it helps officers build relationships with residents.

Mohave Valley Daily News

Words fail me.


Posted by Dave


6 Comments on “Building Relationships”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    The word is “indoctrination”…

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi Craig,

      Yup. That’s the word I was looking for.

      “Building relationships” is cop-speak for ratfink network. On that shining day when Officer Friendly becomes a pariah, we will know that the revolution has truly begun.


  2. Art says:

    Can you say “Youth Corps”?
    I knew ya could!

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi Art,

      Sadly, I would rather see this young clod mired in drugs and alcohol than become a SWAT thug. I’m really surprised that we don’t have a Youth Corp. We have everything else that Nazi Germany had.


  3. Crankyyankee says:

    Words fail you. how about, this little F**ker is your future Stasi……………….
    There never seems to be any shortage of A*sholes willing to fill the void, those with a desire to control others.

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