Throwing Virgins Into The Volcano

Can you imagine if this guy had lived in the time of our Founding Fathers? He’d have torn them a new asshole, figuratively speaking.




How on earth can we NEED to have something with the RIGHT to forcibly control everyone, in order to defend our freedom?

 If some group can impose laws on me, and tax me, and regulate me, it’s not my servant; it’s my master. (Duh.)

Oddly, Constitutionalists and other “limited government” folk use the same bad logic that communists always use: “Well, it didn’t work THIS time, but that’s just because they did it wrong, not because the theory is flawed.”

Larken Rose


You’ve heard all the excuses. Without a government, you’d be the slave of the nearest gangsta’/warlord. Without a government, corporations would sell us poisoned baby food. Without a government, how would we educate our children? How could we live without 911, police and fire departments, a military; who would build and maintain the roads?

I’d sure like to try, so that once and for all statists could point and say, “See? Freedom doesn’t work!”


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Ordered To Leave

New York City ordered more than 300,000 people who live in flood-prone areas to leave, including Battery Park City at the southern tip of Manhattan, Coney Island and the beachfront Rockaways. But it was not clear how many would do it, how they would get out or where they would go. Most New Yorkers don’t have a car.


I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down. Christ, am I the only one that ever read the story of the three lil’ pigs?

I’ll make a prediction:

If the hurricane does hit hard enough to knock down houses, insurance companies will pay to have replacement homes built out of the same flimsy, flammable sticks and in the same place in the flood channel.

Oh, and to add outrage to embarrassment, “Authoritahs” are “ordering” people to flee to … where? and how?


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Think It’s Hot Where You Are?

Summer is finally here in beautiful Mohave Valley, Arizona.

Inside, it’s a delightful 78 degrees.


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Why We Let Them

She’s right.

Thus, agencies like the Food and Drug Administration are not only credited with “producing” food safety but also with reining in an irresponsible free market that would otherwise sell poisoned baby food.

Wendy McElroy


I hold an opinion. I think that people will not give up their State-issued chains until they fear government more than anarchy. As long as people think that we can throttle back our government to it’s Constitutional limits, we will remain slaves and government will only grow more brutishly powerful.

Even when we reach North-Korean/Cuban poverty levels, people will still be convinced that anarchy would worsen their condition. The farther into slavery a society sinks, the less rebellion.

The answer lies not in revolution–that’ll never happen–but in escape. Escape will require a new, hitherto undiscovered frontier. And the escapers will be people who are far more afraid of government than the unknown.


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Time To Fuck Some Shit Up!

The Libyans are showing us the way. Arab Spring, and all that.

I wish I could mount one of these babies on mi troque. It just screams “Road Trip”!



I wonder who’s paying for the ammo. I doubt they are, cuz they can’t even afford ear and eye protection.



I hope baldy put some sunscreen on that dome of his. Where do you think these fellas got their training?


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Fetching Her Flying Monkeys




These pics were lifted from Laura. The woman is insane and should be locked up. Look at Laura’s “Links to Enjoy” sidebar. Solid gold, and she’s constantly updating it.


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Just Seems So … Heartless

Nothing like a picture to start the eyes leaking.

25 35 Excellent Photos To Express The Poverty

What’s to do? “We” can’t just kick Gramps to the curb.

 Look me in the eye and say, “Screw’em. I don’t care what happens to them and I’m not going to spend a red cent on them.” Say this, and I will understand you.

 Fred Reed


If you want to help them, you won’t be stopped.

Ayn Rand


OK, so you’re either a bleeding-heart liberal, full of hand-wringing compassion for the poor; or a selfish, fuck-everybody, I-got-mine, Republican Tea-Bagger. Ouch! Some choice, huh?

If you advocate helping the poor, your unstated premise is that the “less fortunate” are incompetent and you want your neighbors “taxed” for the benefit of said poor. Tell me, how much compassion is there in insults and robbery? Also, I’ve long suspected that people who hand-wring over “the poor” secretly fear that they might fall into that group and need saving from their own incompetence.

On the other hand, the cut-taxes-so-the-lift-all-boats-boom-and-private-charities-will-save-the-lazy-good-for-nothing-poor side of the coin wants less robbery of their own wallet, but they share the same sneering contempt of poor people.

How about a third “viewpoint”?

Everyone talks about Grandpa or Grandma getting kicked out in the street, deprived of life-saving medicine, or “our” children going hungry. But just exactly whose Grandpa or Grandma is out there in the street, and why aren’t their kids and grandkids helping them. Ditto for homeless and hungry children–whose kids are they? If you don’t have relatives to mooch off, then you have failed as a human being, and you need to die immediately.

Note from Dave: The above is meant to stimulate thought. Sometimes my humor doesn’t “land”, and I’m mistaken for a heartless bastard.


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