“The” Debt Ceiling or “Your” Debt Ceiling

One of the people in the room each time, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, said Obama has put on a display of patience.

“He is the president of the United States. I know he is busy,” Pelosi said. “I myself am almost too busy to continue listening to some of the things going on in that room, so I know he must be very busy. But he has treated everyone there with great dignity.”


Busy, busy, busy are the Professional Politicians. Now keep in mind that these professionals, who treat eachother with “great dignity,” expect you to pay for everything, so raising “the” debt ceiling is raising “your” debt ceiling. Imagine if someone ran up a credit card, buying things you didn’t want or need, and then telling you that you have to pay off the card, and oh yeah, they’re going to get the limit on the card raised. I hope you like all the shiny new wars and bank bailouts, cuz you’re going to pay for it all. As for me, I dunno. I’ll hang on as long as I can, then “over the hill.”


Posted by Dave


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