Tipping Point

Whenever a blogger talks about a Tipping Point, they’re making a guess about what it would take for everyone else(Sheeple, Masses, Public) to swarm the barricades. But let’s get personal here–at what point would YOU tip without concern for whether or not anyone was tipping with you? And what would you consider appropriate action?


Posted by Dave.


4 Comments on “Tipping Point”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Without concern for whether or not anyone was tipping with me, I will “tip” when my family or home is violated by officially costumed thugs in particular, or anyone else for that matter. Appropriate action? Pump action, bolt action, semi-automatic action, fully automatic action… Whatever’s handy.

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi Craig,

      That would do it for me, a visit from the friendly neighborhood SWAT team. And like you, I’m not the sort to go quietly.


  2. Art says:

    You ask a very hard question.
    Honestly … I don’t know. When I have nothing else to lose.
    We’ll cross that bridge, alone, each of us, when we get there.

    I’ve said for years that when people are cold and hungry, revolution will come.
    Not sure that it’s that simple any more.

    Perhaps when I lose the freedom to say what I want.
    Perhaps when I lose the freedom to travel where I want.
    Perhaps when I lose the freedom from unreasonable searches of my home and effects.

    Perhaps I’m already past the tipping point.

    However, unlike Craig, I believe the monkey wrench is more powerful than the gun.
    Ever see what happens when .gov can’t locate it’s paperwork?

    Study the Velvet Revolution.

    • Hi Art,

      For some reason, your comment got stuck in “awaiting moderation”, even though I don’t moderate comments. I just noticed it this morning. Apologies.

      I’ve reached the economic tipping point, for sure. Instead of trading in a car when it needs an expensive repair, we get the repair to avoid injecting a hefty sales tax into the State Beast. And if real estate wasn’t in the crapper, we’d sell our house and move into a cheap hovel just to lower our taxes. Shrugging.


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