Competing For Limited Resources

It used to be that in America a man “made” his fortune. He didn’t need to inherit or steal it to become rich. Here’s some interesting key words:

Dwindling supplies

Limited resources

Fair share

Wealth re-distribution

A “news” article will say something like, “1% of the people in this country control 90% of the wealth,” or some such. Why can’t the other 99% go make their own fortunes? What’s stopping them? I mean, aside from the obvious, that everything’s illegal in the U.S., and getting illegaler every day. It just seems easier to hate the rich than to examine our beliefs.


2 Comments on “Competing For Limited Resources”

  1. Cranky_Yankee says:

    The problem is that the “gold” (rich) control the lawmakers (makes) and hence the rules (laws).

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi Cranky Yankee,

      Yep. Wouldn’t it be nice if people figured out how much better their lives would be without tyranny?


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