Better Blogging Through Science

Some bloggers can write, “I ate lunch today,” and get 90 comments. Other bloggers can write a masterpiece of prose and no one will comment. Some of my favorite blogs hardly ever get a comment, and that bothers me. I think to myself, I should encourage this brilliant mind, but I’m not witty or eloquent, and I don’t want to appear a toady or a suck-up. So I make no comment, and feel bad about it. Or I make a comment and regret it later.

If your goal is to attract readers, here is my highly-sought-after advice: Black ink on white background. Stupid, huh? But I’m amazed at the number of blogs out there with white or fluorescent-colored letters on a black background. Tell me, when was the last time you opened a book that had black pages? I find such blogs unreadable. Since I’m on a roll, here’s another piece of gratuitous advice: Cut your word count until it bleeds. You need to get to your point quickly or your reader will lose interest and move on to the hawt gun chick’s blog.

Posted by Dave.


4 Comments on “Better Blogging Through Science”

  1. crazylady says:

    I come, I read, I think. Rarely comment

  2. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    You’re right about odd color schemes being hard on the eyes. And anything more than about five paragraphs puts me in a coma…

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi Craig,

      When I’m nosing around the Innertubes I never know, until I stumble upon it, what will strike my fancy. What keeps me coming back is attention to Dave’s rules #1 and #2.


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