Managing The Conflict

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s long-awaited decision on how many troops to bring home from Afghanistan this summer is overshadowing an impending change of arguably equal importance to the course of the war: the departure from Washington and Kabul of senior U.S. leaders with years of experience in managing the conflict.

…Obama’s decision, to be announced Wednesday, on how to fulfill his promise to begin a withdrawal of U.S. forces in July. He made that pledge in December 2009 when he announced he was ordering an extra 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan…



You don’t hear many calls to End the Wars. What you hear instead is that “we” need to “manage the conflict” with a “different strategy.” Uh huh. Should be interesting when the whole goddamn mess collapses like a cheap taco. I’m looking forward to it.


4 Comments on “Managing The Conflict”

  1. Cranky_Yankee says:

    Troop withdrawal by the end of 2012, so either he will be in second term and renege or lose and leave the mess to the next (s)elected stooge.
    Are the American people really this stupid ?

    Oh wait, dancing with the Kardasians on the next American loser with the biggest idol is on next, skip it.

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi Cranky Yankee,

      The “troop withdrawals” will be just token, like the “end of combat operations” withdrawal in Iraq. And the band played on.


      • Cranky_Yankee says:

        Oh, Great Googamooga,
        Can’t you hear me talking to you,
        Just a ball of confusion,
        That’s what the world is today, hey.

        Fear in the air, tension everywhere,
        Unemployment rising fast,
        The Beatles new record’s a gas,
        And the only safe place to live,
        Is on an Indian reservation,
        The band played on.

        Ball of Confusion, 1970 hit single for The Temptations

        I guess the time changes, circumstances remain the same………………..

      • Underground Carpenter says:

        Hi Cranky Yankee,

        You picked up quick on those lyrics. This is my favorite version of that great tune:


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