Who Ya Gonna Shoot First?

OK, so you’re all ready to start the revolution? Good for you! But where to start?

Well, the revolution is a reaction to oppression, so I guess we better start by shooting some oppressors. Which ones, though? Federal jackboots, letter agencies, State thugs, or local Nazis? Damn, so many choices! Well, let’s start with local goons. Perhaps the city hall would provide a target-rich environment. But wait. When we show up with our AK’s, ere-body will freak and call 911, SWAT will show up, and it’ll be curtains for us if we’re outgunned. Looks like we’ll need some help.

OK, who can we get? It’ll have to be some folks sympathetic to our cause. Let’s see, both my next-door neighbors are on Social Security, so they have an interest in keeping the robbery going. They’d probably turn us in, so they’re out. OK, how about the gay guys across the street? Nope, I called them faggots once, so they hate me. (Damn shame, they’re armed to the teeth.) And the rest of my immediate neighborhood are all Jesus freaks, alcoholics, dopers, or Brady anti-gunners. And half of these fuckers work at the DMV or building department. Damn! It’s gonna be hard to find acceptable people to join our revolution.

Wait! I know! Threepers and what-not! But we’ll have to be selective even there, because most of them still hold the idea that government is a good thing. I know otherwise, so I’ll have to keep looking for others that hold notions of perfect freedom. This may take a while.


2 Comments on “Who Ya Gonna Shoot First?”

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Thanks for brightening my day. Saw a nice catamaran in the marina at Port Aransas the other day. It should make it to Pogo Pogo…

  2. Underground Carpenter says:

    Hi Mayberry,

    Yer Welcome. Always happy to brighten your day.

    Can you imagine how tough it was, a couple of centuries ago, to load up a Conestoga wagon and head west to the unknown? No 7-11’s, no Wal-Marts, no Home Depot. And yet people did exactly that by the droves. Badasses, every one of them! Wouldn’t it be cool to go back in time and talk to them about why they did it?


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