Auntie Em!

A massive tornado, caught on video by a news camera on a tower, barreled through the city[Tuscaloosa] late Wednesday afternoon, leveling it.


The insanity of shoddy structures is not just a deep-south, tornado-alley thing. Every damn day, everywhere on this planet, Nature shows us that shacks made of sticks don’t hold up very well. I have a real problem with people who build flimsy shit and then wring their hands over how powerless they are against nature. Hint: Use concrete and rebar to make a strong structure, then cover with earth.


4 Comments on “Auntie Em!”

  1. wildflower says:

    this is true; even the simple act of adding a secure bolt hole or storm shelter would improve survivail..but hey what can you expect from the zombies anyhow…

    on the other hand building better stronger homes are hard to get a loan to build them if not allowed by idiotic zoning laws…

  2. Underground Carpenter says:

    Hi Wildflower,

    Building codes, hoops and hurdles, requirements for “licensed” contractors, time limits on “permits”, these and more government interference all make owner-built homes harder and harder. And owner-built homes are always better than the crap that “developers” build.

    As for begging a bank for a mortgage, I’m with my Grandmother. She said, and I quote, “I’d rather live in a tent than have a damn mortgage.”

    The death toll keeps climbing on that tornado. So sad to see such needless death.

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. keepitsimplesurvival says:

    Never could understand how anyone who lives in tornado alley doesn’t at least have a storm shelter. And I echo Wildflower’s sentiments…

  4. Underground Carpenter says:

    Hi Mayberry,

    And did you see the vids of the tornado that cleared out Tuscaloosa? That sucker was a mile wide! Do you think anybody learned anything from it? Right now they’re probably asking the Fed Gov for money to buy new trailers for everybody!


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