Tyranny is always and everywhere the same, while freedom is always various. The well and truly enslaved are dependable; we know what they will say and think and do. The free are quirky. Tyrannies may be overt and violent or covert and insidious, but they all require the same thing, a subject population in which the power of thought is occluded and the power of deed brought low.

 Richard Mitchell

Freedom cannot be organized because it is “always various.” Only tyranny can be organized. We call it “government.”

As a carpenter, I work with some very talented people. Some of these talented tradesmen have crippling personal problems that keep them from towering achievement–substance abuse, marital strife, poor money-handling skills, etc… If you claim to love freedom, you’re going to have to tolerate behavior you consider abhorrent.


2 Comments on “Quirkiness”

  1. keepitsimplesurvival says:

    I deal with it now, so what the hell…

  2. Underground Carpenter says:

    Hi Mayberry,

    I’m used to it as well. I’d rather deal with quirks than Stepford People.


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