Rising Up From Their Chains

This is a comment I did NOT send after reading this post from T. L. Davis. I wanted to, but just couldn’t.



Hi T.L.,


“Liberty is something you have as a human being, a right that cannot be limited or restricted.”


I dunno. From where I’m sitting, our masters are limiting and restricting the living shit out of it.


Return to the Constitution? Why? It didn’t work the first time.


I’m not nodding in approval, but you certainly won’t see me “taking a stand” from inside a cage. Martyrdom is a pointless exercise in masochism.


How many times have I heard a blogger say, If only we would “decide as a people that our liberty is worth the fight”? I hate to dash your dream, but liberty can not and will not ever be organized. Only tyranny can be organized, and “the people” are doing a great job in that respect. The louder we beg our masters for freedom, the faster they make new chains. Freedom will only come when some genius creates a new frontier, be it in space or on the ocean or in the air. Freedom needs to be mobile, because it’s constantly under attack. If you spend all your time defending yourself, where are you going to fit in a life?


Where are these places that are “less restrictive than the United States?” Let us know where you move to. I’d love to find a freer place.





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