OK, Rock And Roll!

This is the circular Astro-Slab, which we’ll use soon to set up the telescope on. The conduit and rebar sticking up is for the Astro-Table, a concrete table to set star charts and stuff on. There’s dirt on the slab because I used a wax-based cure when I poured it. The dirt helps to clean the wax off the slab.


Formed up and ready to pour. It took Kenny and me about a day to do this formwork.In the background is the big project, a 200′ long retainer wall, about a third of which we poured today with this table. There’s about one-half cubic yard of concrete in this table.


Looking down, you can see the two electrical boxes embeded into the column holding the table top. I put some large self-tapping screws into each box to keep them embedded.


Pouring it! Here’s a gratuitous shot of your friendly neighborhood Underground Carpenter and Kenny, who is doing the actual work of finishing the concrete table. I’ll post more pics next week after I’ve stripped the forms.


All comments are welcome.

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