“The way democracy is supposed to work”

Egypt has a population of 83 million, compared to America’s 313 million. A few thousand Egyptians gather in the town square for 18 days, demanding change, their dictator agrees to leave town, and Mr. Obama tells us that’s “the way democracy is supposed to work”?

If 40,000 Americans camped out by the Lincoln Memorial for the next three weeks, demanding “change,” Mr. Obama would agree to resign and let the Pentagon choose his successor? Really? That’s “the way democracy is supposed to work”?

Vin Suprynowicz, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Good point, Vin!


4 Comments on ““The way democracy is supposed to work””

  1. keepitsimplesurvival says:

    I like it. Did you have to host your pic, or did you find a way to upload it?

    • Underground Carpenter says:

      Hi Mayberry,

      I wasn’t even looking, just stumbled on the button to hit. I couldn’t even tell you where I found it. It limits the pic to 900 x 200 pixels, which is kinda tough. My pic is a crop of a sunset shot I took standing in my front yard.

      I haven’t figured out this comment moderation thing yet. I haven’t done moderation before. It seems to be the default. I’d like to turn it off, but don’t know how.


      • keepitsimplesurvival says:

        Dave, go to dashboard, comments. From there you can change the settings. It’s on the left hand side…

  2. Underground Carpenter says:

    Hi Mayberry,

    I found something that looked like what I needed under General/Discussion. Time will tell if it worked.

    I had some time last night so I went through the tutorial. I learned a couple of things, but mostly, like all “manuals”, it blew dog. They tell you, excitedly, all the wonderful things WordPress will do, but they fail to tell you HOW to do them–Step 1: do this. Step 2: do that. etc…

    I haven’t yet figured out how the “nested” comments work. This is gonna take a while. And I miss “previewing” my comment, like on Blogger.


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